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 Calcium Powder

 1 lb.                         $6.00    
 3 lbs.                       $18.00    

 Handfeeding Tools

 Stirring Thermometer                         $8.50    

 O-Ring Syringes

 1cc.                           $.25    
 3cc.                           $.50    
 5cc.                           $.75    
 10cc                         $1.00  n/a  
 20cc.                         $2.00  n/a  
 12cc. curved tip                         $1.50    

 SS Crock Holders

SS = Stainless Steel = 304L      
 Cage Mount horizontal bars                        $22.00    
 Cage Mount vertical bars                        $22.00    
 Perch mount                        $18.00    
 Extended Perch mount                        $24.00    
 Lumber mount                        $18.00    
 # 2 Fenix Crock w/holder purchase                         $7.50    
  # 2 single crocks when available                         $8.50    

 SS Perch Holders

                       sold in pairs only      
 V Holders                                                   $24.00    
 Joist Hangers                        $24.00    
 Round Branch Holders                        $24.00    

 Rope Perches

 Cotton or Poly       SS Hardware      
 3/4" Cotton      
 1" Cotton      
 1 1/2" Cotton      
 2" Cotton      
 3/4" Poly      
 1" Poly      

 Access and Feeder Doors

 Custom made to fit your needs.      


 Sales Tax, CA residents add 8.75%  

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Don Harris

935 Pecho St.

Morro Bay, CA 93442