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Don & Pamela

Birds are supposed to be fun!

We are currently living on the coast of central California, with a stubborn passion for keeping and raising parrots.

I was first introduced to raising birds in 1958 when my uncle, who worked at a pet shop in Santa Ana, Ca., gave me 8 pair of parakeets, a cage and lots of enthusiastic support. . And then I found out how much work was actually involved. We always seemed to have a pet bird in the house, finches, parakeets and a Half-moon conure for a while.

In the mid ‘80’s, again the opportunity to get involved with birds and breeders arose. Since then this ‘passing fancy’ has led me in several directions with aviculture. I was involved in helping to start several successful groups: the Central Coast Avicultural Society and the Pyrrhura Breeders Association, and am a past two term President of both organizations. I was a member of a WBCA Breeding Consortium that imported 2 species of rare Pyrrhura conures, P. picta roseifrons (Rose-fronted) and P. egregia (Fiery-shouldered) that had not been previously available in the US. We have had some successes with both species..

We presently keep several species of Psitticines -  African Greys,  Greenwing Macaws, Rose-breasted Cockatoos', Umbrella Cockatoos', Goffins Cockatoos,.. 
And we have our first African Grey, 24 yr. old ‘Kasai’ and our first Greenwing Macaw ’Navidad’, who was 21 yrs old on Christmas Day 2014, as our family pets.

We also offer handfeeding products and supplies at birdmarts and over the Internet and are currently fabricating high quality custom cage access and feeder doors.

I have been a distributor of Leach Grain Royal Seed since 1988, our birds deserve nothing less!!

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